KIN Senior Orientation Leader: Rebecca Tsow

Rebecca is a fourth-year student in the interdisciplinary stream. After she graduates, Rebecca hopes to continue her education to pursue a Master’s of Physical Therapy and eventually work towards a career in physiotherapy. She would also love to travel abroad and spend time living in another country.

Rebecca will be a KIN Orientation Leader this September, 2021, where she will be helping facilitate Imagine Day activities. “I applied to be a senior OL because I know firsthand how impactful one’s first week can be in shaping their time at university. I feel passionate about using my ideas, skills and past experiences (especially as a transfer student) to foster engaging orientation activities for others in the KIN community. I’m excited to work with the team to create an orientation season like no other!”

She is also an executive member of the InterVarsity Undergraduate (IVU) Christian club at UBC and has previously been involved in KUS roles for KIN camp, Kinterested, Kinder, and more. “I also volunteer with the UBC BodyWorks program to help deliver community exercise classes. Pre-COVID, I enjoyed being a member of the UBC Boxing club – it was a great way to get workouts in during the week while having fun with my friends!”

Rebecca works with Dr. Jula Schmidt as a Work Learn Research Assistant in the GF Strong Rehabilitation Research Program, where she focuses on brain injury recovery, with emphasis on altered self-awareness and changes in roles and self-identity. “Currently, I’m leading a project to understand the barriers and facilitators to using clinical self-awareness assessment tools under the UBC Summer Student Research Program.”

When asked about the most important thing she learned in KIN, Rebecca says “I’ve learned that there is really no need to compare myself with my classmates because there is no singular, correct way to go about your uni experience. It’s okay to not be involved in every club or position or sport, and it’s cool to have interests outside of the typical ‘Kinner’ activities!”