Shayan Badiei

Shayan Badiei is a third year student in the neuromechanical and physiological sciences stream. After completing his undergraduate degree, he plans on pursuing a Master’s in physical therapy at UBC and hopes to have a career as a physiotherapist.

Shayan is a member of the UBC Red Cross club and says it has allowed him “to become more involved in the UBC and healthcare community and have a new perspective on the healthcare industry.” He is also a club ambassador and coordinator for the UBC Blood for Life Club. “I am very fortunate to be involved in creating awareness for blood and stem cell donations.” During the pandemic, Shayan has been volunteering at Lions Gate Hospital as a COVID-19 screener, where he has learned more about working in a medical environment. He also wishes to volunteer for a research lab that focuses on physiology and psychology after he graduates. Shayan’s top three favourite courses in KIN have been KIN 110 (Human Anatomy), KIN 216 (Biomechanics I), and KIN 232 (Nutrition, Physical Activity, and Health). He says, “these courses provided me with intriguing new concepts and assisted me in developing a new perspective of human health and movement.”

When asked what drew him to the KIN program, Shayan states, “the average class size gives the possibility for a greater cohesive relationship with peers and professors, creating a more enjoyable experience for all students. The KIN faculty also offers many unique events, with the help of KUS, which allow us to create new connections with our peers. Overall, I would say the diverse career path options that KIN offers made me choose the program.”

Shayan reflects on what he has learned in KIN, “I believe the most important concept that I learned is having an individualized perception. I was first exposed to this idea in KIN 120 with Dr. Maria Gallo, and ever since, I try to have an individualized perception in my academic and personal life. I believe the diverse application of the concept is the cause of its importance.”