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The School of Kinesiology is internationally recognized for its distinguished research and innovation applied to the study of human movement, sport, physical activity, and health. The School is home to over 25 active researchers and 100 graduate students, who are linked through collaborative, multidisciplinary networks with other institutions, research centres, and clusters at UBC and abroad.

In 2018 the Chan Gunn Pavilion opened its doors on Wesbrook Mall to serve as the new hub for sports medicine and exercise science research at UBC.


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A Historian’s View of the Fractured World of Kinesiology

Professor Patricia Vertinsky is a historian of physical culture and is a Distinguished University Scholar. In “Searching for Balance: A Historian’s View of the Fractured World of Kinesiology,” Vertinsky has written a self-reflective article on the development of the discipline of physical education and kinesiology. Vertinsky writes, “In this essay, I drew upon the perspectives of Walter […]

Congratulations to KIN graduate student Derek Paterson & Dr. Guy Faulkner on their recently published paper.

Congratulations to Derek Paterson & Dr. Guy Faulkner on their recently published paper, “Exploring the impact of COVID-19 on the movement behaviors of children and youth: A scoping review of evidence after the first year.” The paper aims to summarize systematically the available literature investigating the relationships between the Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic and […]

MSc and PhD opportunities in exercise physiology at the Centre for Heart Lung Innovation at St. Paul’s Hospital

The Cardiopulmonary Exercise Physiology (CPEP) Laboratory is recruiting new students interested in pursuing graduate studies in human exercise physiology. The CPEP laboratory is located within the world renowned UBC Centre for Heart Lung Innovation at St. Paul’s Hospital. The lab studies the physiological mechanisms and management of exercise limitation and breathlessness across the full spectrum […]

Dr. Robert Boushel’s new publication, “Functional reserve and sex differences during exercise to exhaustion revealed by post-exercise ischaemia and repeated supramaximal exercise”

Congratulations to Robert Boushel and Jose Calbet, Affiliate Professor in Kinesiology, on their new research publication in the Journal of Physiology. The study investigated mechanisms of fatigue during intense exercise. The study showed that females extracted more oxygen into muscle to produce energy, and that both males and females have a similarly large anaerobic bioenergetic reserve […]

KIN MSc student, Adam Caplin publishes research study on Exercise Intensity

Congratulations to Adam Caplin and professors Mark Beauchamp and Eli Puterman for their research study “The effects of exercise intensity on the cortisol response to a subsequent acute psychosocial stressor.” Click Here to read the study.