Degree Conversion FAQs

Conversion of the BHK to BKIN or MHK to MKIN – FAQs

UBC School of Kinesiology is pleased to announce that interested alumni may now apply to change the name of their degree from BHK (Bachelor of Human Kinetics) to BKIN (Bachelor of Kinesiology) or MHK (Master of Human Kinetics) to MKIN (Master of Kinesiology). The approval of this initiative took effect after extensive consultations with UBC faculty, students and alumni revealed widespread support for the change. Alumni wishing to change the name of their degree designation to a BKIN or MKIN should review the following frequently asked questions.How do I change my degree?
An application form is available for those alumni who wish to change the name of their degree retroactively. Please follow the detailed instructions on the form and mail to the Graduation Office at Enrolment Services (address provided in form).

In addition to completing the application form, May 2011 BHK/MHK graduates should take note of the following:

1. May 2011 BHK/MHK graduates who want a BKIN/MKIN will get a non-conversion parchment.
2. You MUST turn in your May 2011 BHK/MHK parchment to Enrolment Services by bringing it to Brock Hall Information Centre, or mailing it to:

University of British Columbia
Enrolment Services – Graduation Department
0040 – 1874 East Mall
Vancouver, BC
V6T 1Z1

3. Your last BHK/MHK session will be changed to BKIN/MKIN and therefore reflected on your transcript.
4. There is no charge for the replacement BKIN/MKIN for May 2011 BHK/MHK graduates.

Once you have turned in your diploma and completed the online application your conversion parchment will be printed.

Does this change the academic standing of my BKIN degree or MKIN degree?
No. The change from BHK to BKIN or MHK to MKIN is simply a change of designation and does not indicate any change in academic status of the UBC Kinesiology degree program.

How does the degree name change affect current students?
Starting in the 2011/2012 academic year, students entering the UBC School of Kinesiology will graduate with a BKIN or MKIN. Students enrolled in their second and third years when the change was in process have the option to receive either the BHK/MHK or BKIN/MKIN degree upon graduation.

Do I have to change my degree?
No. If you choose to do nothing, your degree will remain a BHK/MHK degree.

If I apply to have my degree designation changed, will I receive a new parchment? What date will appear on the parchment?
You will receive a diploma with the following statement; Bachelor of Kinesiology conferred on Month XX, Year XXXX and in small font at the bottom of the diploma it will say Bachelor of Human Kinetics converted to Bachelor of Kinesiology. Similar wording will also appear on your official UBC transcript.

What does it cost to convert my degree?
There is a $110.20 + PST ($117.91) fee to cover the administrative costs incurred by processing degree conversions, payable by cheque to The University of British Columbia. Note: If you graduated in May 2011, this fee will be waived and you must return your original parchment to UBC in order for your new parchment and degree conversion to be processed.

Who should I contact if I have further questions?
Please contact UBC Enrolment Services at