Career Crossroads Podcast Series, Episode #2

Host: Yingying Zhao
Event Date (launch): 24/08/2020
Event Start: 9:00am – No end date
Venue/Platform: Spotify or SoundCloud.

Event Description:
In this monthly podcast series Young Alumni lead, Yingying Zhao (BKin19, MM20) interviews KIN alumni to bring their stories about navigating the changing economy and finding work in a virtual world after graduation.

In Episode #2, Yingying interviews Shayne River Casey-Shaw (BKin17, PT20), a certified physiotherapist, yoga and pilates instructor who turned her passion for retreats and rehabilitation into an online business when COVID hit.

Yingying Zhao (BKin19, MM20)

Shayne River Casey-Shaw (BKin ’17, PT ’20)

Shayne is a physiotherapist who has a practice at Treloar Physiotherapy Clinic and at Form Body Lab in Vancouver, BC.