Cole Hergott Mkin Major Paper Presentation

Title: “Creating Optimal Training Environments for Varsity Athletes”

Supervisor: Dr. Maria Gallo (Kinesiology)
Second Reader: Dr. Carolyn McEwen (Kinesiology)

Abstract: Coaches are continually looking to improve the training outcome of their athletes so that it can increase gameday performance and potentially lead to prosperous careers in sport. Team culture and the training environment can help facilitate these outcomes. Looking into how the training environment is set up can assist coaches in providing their athletes with the tools necessary for this success and create the culture they want within their team. Having set expectations as a group and making sure everyone knows their role is crucial to setting up this environment. Getting athlete buy-in through earning athlete trust and creating a motivational climate where athletes actually want to be can lead to greater intensity, effort, and enjoyment in training. The end goal of coaches should be to create autonomous athletes who can think for themselves and perform optimally with minimal guidance from the coach. Getting these aspects in alignment with the coach’s values and the team’s mission/purpose can enhance the athletic development of an athlete over the course of their career at whatever stage they are at.

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