School of Kinesiology Distinguished Speaker Series: Dr. Jostein Hallen (CANCELLED)


Speaker: Dr. Jostein Hallen,  Professor in Physiology, Department of Physical Performance, Norwegian School of Sport Sciences

HostDr. Robert Boushel, Director, Professor, UBC School of Kinesiology

Title:  Longitudinal changes in maximal oxygen uptake, hematological variables and heart dimension in adolescent girls and boys with different training backgrounds

Blood volumes, heart dimensions as well as maximal oxygen uptake increase during puberty as a consequence of natural growth and maturation. During this period, girls and boys develop differently, one major difference being body composition. Also, the effects of endurance training during the same period on these variables is not clear. Data from a longitudinal study, age 12 – 15, on endurance athletes and athletes from other sports (both boys and girls) will be presented.

*Light Lunch will be provided from 11:45 am