Zoom Talk: Assessing and training Perceptual skills in hitting sports

Dr Sean Müller is a senior researcher specialised in the field of expertise and skill learning in sport. A focus of his research has been to understand how experts use visual information to anticipate in sport, as well as how anticipation can be trained and transfers to field settings. Dr. Müller has also conducted interdisciplinary research that combines visual anticipation with biomechanics and decision-making with sport psychology. He has an in-depth knowledge of perceptual-motor skill learning, feedback, and instruction principles for sports skills. Dr. Müller has collaborated with several sports organisations such as Cricket Australia, Hockey Australia and Tampa Bay Rays Major League Baseball Organisation. Findings from his research have been used to assess and train athletes in a variety of sports.

Dr Müller’s presentation will discuss the importance of visual anticipation and decision-making to expert performance in sports. His presentation will be structured into three parts. Part one, will make the case for why anticipation and decision-making are vital in order to guide action in high-speed sports skills. Part two, will outline how anticipation and decision-making can be assessed in athletes using video simulation and field-based tests. Part three, will explain how anticipation can be trained and whether it transfers to field settings. His presentation is relevant to managers, coaches, analysts, and sports science support staff who are involved in athlete development across the skill continuum.

Tuesday, June 9th
4 pm – 5 pm
Zoom Link