Imagine UBC Day

Experience the KIN spirit on Imagine UBC Day!

Your UBC Kinesiology Orientation will help you get a great start to your first few months as a Kinesiology student. Whether you’re coming directly from high school or transferring from a different institution or UBC program, Imagine UBC is a full day event planned just for you.

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We invite all students to share their photos and memories of Imagine UBC with other KIN students by using the #IAMUBC and #UBCKIN hashtags.

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If you are not participating in the Jump Start program, you’ll join us in the following activities designed to connect you with the campus community:

  • Participate in Imagine UBC
  • Connect with a Kinesiology Imagine Orientation Leader
  • Receive helpful emails from your Kinesiology Imagine Orientation Leader

Not sure what this means exactly? Read on below.

As a first-year Kinesiology student, you’ll be automatically registered in Imagine UBC if you are not participating in Jump Start. If you are an internal or external transfer student, you will also be automatically enrolled in Imagine UBC.

We’re here to help you adjust to life at university. You’ll get a chance to see what it’s like to be in a university classroom, get some opportunities to make friends at social events, and have connections to fellow students, including your Imagine Orientation Leader!

Imagine UBC is the first day of your university experience. On this day, you will meet up with a senior Kinesiology student, known as your “Imagine Orientation Leader” – and they’ll introduce you to fellow students, attend a Welcome to the School of Kinesiology from our School’s Director, meet the Kinesiology Undergraduate Society (KUS) Executive team, take you to some great spots on campus, find out about different involvement opportunities in KIN Outreach, meet some Professors and more!

Imagine UBC is a day that’s dedicated to welcoming all new-to-Kinesiology students to the School. Whether you’re coming directly from High School, transferring from another institution or from another faculty within UBC, we want you to feel at home, supported, and excited about your choice to pursue Kinesiology at UBC. Our School is like a small college in a large university, and there are many opportunities to form close, long-lasting friendships with your peers, faculty, and staff. Imagine UBC is just the beginning.

Join us on Tuesday, September 6th to learn more about the School, your degree, make new friends, and experience the KIN Spirit.

Every new-to-UBC Kinesiology student, whether entering first-year or coming as a transfer student, is assigned to an Orientation Group with an Orientation Leader, who is an undergraduate student in their 2nd to 5th year. Your Orientation leader will e-mail you to introduce themselves in late August and act as your guide to navigate through your first term – from Imagine Day to the end of December. They can help you find resources, let you know about awesome events around campus, and connect you to other Kinesiology students.

Where can I get my textbooks?

What are some recommendations for electives?

Where are the best places to eat/study on campus?

Are there any free resources to help me prepare for exams?

How is university different from high school?

Where can I find involvement or research opportunities?

Where can I get help with my resume or cover letter?

You’ll receive a personal email from them in late August. From there, you can contact them by Facebook, email, text, and more – they’ll send you preferred contact details in their introductory email.

Applications for Orientation Leaders open in late Winter each year. Learn more about being an Orientation Leader.