Imagine UBC Day

Your UBC Kinesiology Orientation will help you get a great start to your first few months as a KIN student. Whether you’re coming directly from high school, or transferring to the School, Imagine UBC is a full day event planned just for you.

Experience the KIN spirit!

Imagine UBC is the first day of your university experience. You are automatically enrolled as a first-year Kinesiology student. On the day, you will meet up with a senior Kinesiology student, known as your “Imagine Orientation Leader” — they’ll introduce you to fellow students, attend a Welcome to the School of Kinesiology from our School’s Director, meet the Kinesiology Undergraduate Society (KUS) Executive team, take you to some great spots on campus, find out about different involvement opportunities in KIN Outreach, meet some Professors, and more!

We want you to feel at home, supported, and excited about your choice to pursue Kinesiology at UBC. Our School is like a small college in a large university, and there are many opportunities to form close, long-lasting friendships with your peers, faculty, and staff. Imagine UBC is just the beginning.

Connect with your Kinesiology Orientation Leader

Every new-to-UBC Kinesiology student is assigned to an Orientation Group with an Orientation Leader. The leaders are undergraduate students in their second to fifth year.

You will receive an email from your Orientation Leader in late August, and they will act as your guide to navigating your first term at UBC! They can help you find resources, let you know about awesome events around campus, and connect you to other Kinesiology students.

Interested in becoming an Orientation Leader?

Applications for Senior Orientation Leaders are open now! Check here for details on the role and how to apply. Orientation Leader hiring will take place in the Spring. Check back here regularly for updates.

Orientation Leaders

Orientation Leaders guide a small group of new students through their Imagine UBC experience, and help build an engaged community of new-to-UBC students. Learn more about applying.

Senior Orientation Leaders

The Senior Orientation Leader team plays an important role in Imagine UBC by supporting Imagine UBC Orientation Leaders. Senior Orientation Leaders help select Orientation Leaders and contribute to their training, team building, and development. Learn more about applying.