Awards, Scholarships & Funding


International Tuition Awards assist international graduate students with their tuition fees if they are registered full-time in research-oriented master’s and doctoral programs. Students in the MKin program are NOT eligible for this award. There are no applications for this award. International students automatically receive this award every term when they are registered full-time in their program.

Please visit the Faculty of Graduate Studies website for more information about tuition waivers

The School tries to provide all graduate students with partial or full Teaching Assistantships. Applications for Teaching Assistantship postions are required at time of application to the School of Kinesiology. Students are matched to TA positions (courses) based on research interests and past experience. The current rate for a Master's student is $5,789 per term and the current rate for a PhD student is $6016 per term (4 months).

The TA application must be submitted by May 30.

Students achieving a minimum 80% average in their final 2 years of full-time studies are eligible to apply for scholarship funding.

Education Endowed Awards

The UBC endowed scholarships are provided by the Office of Research in Education (ORE) in the Faculty of Education. These merit-based awards are awarded to our graduate students who are making the most outstanding contributions in their fields of study. Most Faculty of Education graduate students are eligible to apply on an annual basis. The adjudication for the awards is typically held in the early fall and awards are to be taken up in December of each year.

For more information, visit here.

Faculty of Education PhD Awards

The PhD award is given to outstanding incoming doctoral students by the Faculty. Applicants are automatically entered for this competition when they applied by the deadline and do not need to submit a separate application. Current value is about $5,000 - $7,000 and may vary each year.

Please contact the Graduate Programs Assistant for more info.

Four-Year Fellowship Program (4YF) for PhD Students

The Four-Year Fellowship (4YF) program provides funding for the top 3 incoming PhD students in the School each year.

Award recipients receive scholarship funding for:

  • $18,200 stipend per year plus tuition for the first four years of their PhD studies

PhD admission applications to the School of Kinesiology are automatically entered into this competition, and there are no further applications required. For more information, visit here.

Affiliated Awards

The Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies offers approximately 50 Affiliated Fellowships each year to meritorious students for full-time study and research leading to a graduate degree. Awards are made on the basis of academic excellence, with applications open to current and prospective full-time UBC graduate students regardless of citizenship or visa status. Fellowship values range from $175 to $30,000, but most are in the range of $16,000.

For more information, visit here.

The University Doctoral Fellowship (UDF) program supports top international students who are starting UBC-V doctoral programs. The fellowship provides funding for a total of five years: a $30,000 stipend plus tuition for four years and a minimum $18,000 funding package (from the recipient's supervisor/department/Faculty, comprising awards, teaching assistantships and/or research assistantships) for the fifth year. Approximately 35 new fellowships will be awarded each year. Application deadline is January 5 for the School of Kinesiology.

For more info, see here.

Undergraduate students in their final year of study and current Master students are advised to review guidelines and deadlines for federally-supported granting agencies for domestic students.

NSERC – National Science and Engineering Research Council Awards

PGS/CGS awards: Applications are submitted online and referees submit references through NSERC website. For the School's deadline, please contact the KIN Graduate Program Assistant.

For more info, see here.

SSHRC – Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council Doctoral Fellowships

Please contact KIN Graduate Program Assistant for the School's deadline.

For more info, see here.

CIHR – Canadian Institutes of Health Research

  • CIHR Master Awards: Please contact KIN Graduate Program Assistant for the School's deadline and for more info.
  • CIHR Doctoral Awards: No internal deadline for the School of Kinesiology as application is submitted directly to CIHR online. For more info, see here.
  • University Affiliated Awards: Dependent on certain restrictions, domestic and international students may be eligible for University Affiliated Awards. For more info, see here.

Canadian Sport Institute Pacific

Funding assistance for students in the Graduate Certificate and Master of High Performance Coaching & Technical Leadership, see here for more info.

Killam Postdoctoral Research Fellowship

Please contact KIN Program Assistant for the School's deadline.

For more info, see here.

Domestic and international applicants admitted to the MA, MSc, and Ph.D. programs in the School of Kinesiology are eligible for awards funded through the University’s Graduate Support Initiative (GSI). Criteria for the awards are:

  • scholastic performance (transcripts)
  • reference letters
  • statement of purpose
  • publications record
  • eligibility for other scholarships

All incoming students who have met the application deadline are automatically considered for these awards, so a separate application is not required. In 2015 and 2016, students who were eligible for this award, were granted between $3,000 to $6,000 upon admission to the School. These amounts may differ from year to year.

Note: Incoming students are assessed according to the criteria outlined under the GSI award (above) in a general pool. If meritorious, a student is offered a funding package that could come from one source, or a combination of sources. The package offer from the School will be revised for students who receive tri-council funding (details are included in offers to successful applicants).

Travel funds are available for graduate students attending conferences/workshops. Students may claim their expenses using these grants. It is advisable to use the KIN Grad travel grant last as students are allowed to claim their expenses up to 12 months after they graduate.

Other Avenues to Explore for Financial Assistance

  • Student Service Centre – Financial Support
  • Provincial summer session grants are also available, offered through the provincial Ministry of Labour and administered through the University.
  • Country of origin funding agencies.

Additional information is available at the Graduate Student website.