Alumni Stories

See what these Kin alumni are up to and what they’re doing with their Kinesiology degrees.

Wright, Thelma

Graduating year: 1973
Degree: BPE
The 1973 Physical Education and 1974 Education graduate is presently the only UBC female track athlete to appear in two Olympics and has won medals at Commonwealth, Pan American and World Student Games and at the World Cross Country and World All-Star meets. Recognized as one of the world’s leading cross-country runners she led UBC to three Canada West championships and two National titles.

Yang, Brian Chih-Yu

Graduating year: 2011
Degree: BHK
Brian has gone above and beyond conquering his basketball injury. Brian has become extremely experienced in the international fitness industry in Vancouver, Taipei, and Shanghai, where he is currently situated. He has 10+ years of work in nutrition application to fitness, weight management nutrition, nutrition for professional athletes, and sports injury prevention.

Young, John L.

Graduating year: 1971
Degree: BPE
In September of 2003 he began a 10 year relationship as volunteer and coordinator of the Richmond Terry Fox Run. In 2009, him and his wife were heavily involved with the new Richmond Olympic Oval and were volunteer managers for many Long Track Speed Skating events in preparation for the Olympic Games in 2010.

Yuen, Denise

Graduating year: 2007
Degree: BHK, GDBA
With previous experience as a Canadian SportWORKS Officer (CSO) with Commonwealth Games Canada, Denise has worked internationally to assist both the Singapore National Olympic Council and National Olympic Committee of Sri Lanka.

Zhou, Randy

Graduating year: 2014
Degree: BKIN
In recognition of his accomplishments in, and knowledge of, the world of fitness, he was awarded a share of the Mutant Nation fitness centre in Shanghai, a popular fitness chain in China known for its celebrity visitors. China Post has even offered to make a series of collector postcards and stamps to recognize his fitness achievements!