Career Crossroads – Episode #2

Introducing Career Crossroads, a UBC School of Kinesiology podcast series produced by KIN Young Alumni, for KIN young alumni and graduating students. It’s critical now more than ever, no matter what stage of your career you’re in, to continue to look for work and stay connected during these unprecedented times.

Join KIN alumni, Yingying Zhao and Alyssa Reyes as they interview other Kinesiology alumni about how they navigated their next steps in life after university. Hear alumni stories, experiences and tips for success to help guide you in your career journey.

Episode #2 – August 24, 2020

In Episode #2, Yingying interviews Shayne River Casey-Shaw (BKin17, PT20), a certified physiotherapist, yoga and pilates instructor who turned her passion for retreats and rehabilitation into an online business when COVID hit.

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed by individual interviewees belong solely to them and do not represent those of their employers unless explicitly stated. Nor do they necessarily represent the views or policies of the UBC School of Kinesiology.