Carmen Bott

Professor, Langara College (Faculty of Human Kinetics)
Instructor, University of British Columbia (UBC School of Kinesiology)
Strength & Conditions Coach, Human Motion Strength & Conditioning Inc.
Provincial Director, National Strength & Conditioning Association (N.S.C.A.)

Carmen Bott is a Strength & Conditions Coach at Human Motion Strength & Conditioning Inc., Professor within the Faculty of Human Kinetics at Langara College, and instructor at the University of British Columbia in the Kinesiology Department. Carmen is the founder and president of Human Motions Inc. and has been in the sport performance and fitness training industry for seventeen years. She is considered an expert resource in exercise prescription and strength coaching for the athlete population. Holding a Bachelor’s in Human Kinetics and Master’s degree in Exercise Physiology, Carmen is also the Provincial Director for the National Strength & Conditioning Association (N.S.C.A.). She holds several NCCP certifications and lectures internationally in the field of sport science and performance enhancement. She provides workshops for her peers as well as scientific information on a variety of topics for both media and general public. Carmen is currently on faculty at Langara College and instructs at the University of British Columbia in the Kinesiology Department