Patrick Wu

Patrick Wu is a Master of Kinesiology student whose focus is on investigating “practical ways to drive behavioral change and to advance the world of strength and conditioning.” His passion is Olympic-style weightlifting which he practices 5-6 days a week! He loves it so much that he has started his own strength and conditioning business and hopes to grow into the private sector after he graduates. “I believe that strength training can be beneficial to almost all individuals, and I want to continue spreading this message in my work.”

Pat completed his BKin at UBC and says “the MKin program presented a great opportunity to improve my understanding of coaching.” When reflecting on his undergraduate experience, Pat states, “I want to do a shout-out to my friends in UBC Cheerleading who train next door in Osbourne. My years on the Cheer team gave me a great group of friends.” Some of Pat’s favourite classes were KIN 303 and KIN 461 (now 424). “I have to thank Barry Legh and Dr. Anne Lasinsky, who were not only great instructors, but also gave me great direction when I wanted to pursue graduate school.”

Pat currently works as a teaching assistant at UBC. “Being a TA has shown me how much I love to teach kinesiology. It has taught me how to organize a lesson plan and answer academic level questions. Perhaps there is a route for me in teaching in the future!” As a Graduate Assistant in strength and conditioning, he supervises sessions for varsity athletes. He has also served as a senior trainer with BodyWorks and mentors undergraduate students. As a mentor he coaches students to translate their academic knowledge into practical coaching skills.

When asked about the most important thing he learned at UBC, Pat says “you will never know enough in this industry. It is important to be critical of theories while being open minded! Be very wary of anyone who claims that there are always absolutes in research and practice.”