Shannon Lim

Shannon Lim

Supervisor: Dr. Mark Carpenter and Dr. J Timothy Inglis
Current Program: MSc in Kinesiology
Research Area: Postural control

I got my hands into research in my third year of undergrad here at UBC. I worked with Dr. Nicola Hodges in the Motor Skills Lab where I investigated motor learning and adaptation through observation and physical practice. I found research very intriguing! It gave me a sense of ownership on my knowledge; instead of being told and taught concepts, I was answering my own questions and coming up with evidence and reasoning behind my results. It was very cool.

I completed my BKin degree at UBC in 2012, started working with Drs. Carpenter and Inglis during the summer, and began my Master’s degree in September. I am currently involved in several projects related to posture and movement. These include 1) an investigation of using biofeedback to train balance, 2) the possibilty of a startle response embedded in the postural response of the initial perturbation exposure, and 3) the role of the vestibular system in dynamic postural control. When I’m not working on my research projects, you can probably find me eating, drinking a glass of red wine, or carving down a snowy mountain


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