Academic Concession

Please note that the following information and form is for KIN students requesting Academic Concession for a course (both KIN or non-KIN courses). If you are not a KIN student, please consult your home faculty’s advising.

If you have recently been affected by unexpected events or circumstances, such as an illness, accident, or family tragedy that interferes with your ability to carry out academic coursework, you may be eligible for Academic Concession. In all cases, your request should be made as early as reasonably possible.

If you are unsure of whether or not your situation would make you eligible for Academic Concession, you can send an email to the KIN Advising Office at before filling out the form linked below.

Information submitted by the form linked below is collected under section 26.c FIPPA and will only be used for purposes related to your request for an academic concession. Questions about the collection of this information may be sent to

Additional Support

If you are a KIN student who is registered with the Centre for Accessibility and requesting disability-related accommodations, you should first contact the Centre for Accessibility. The Centre for Accessibility recommends accommodations to KIN Advising for students with a disability or ongoing medical condition who are registered with the Centre.

If your situation is related to an experience of sexual violence, you have the option of contacting UBC’s Sexual Violence Prevention and Response Office (SVPRO) (604-822-1588 or who can assist you with your academic concession.

If you need immediate emotional, mental, or physical support, find a UBC health and wellness resource to help you.

Types of Academic Concession

The most appropriate type of concession will be determined by your unique situation and the academic requirements for your course.

Academic Concessions may include:

  • Later deadline for an assignment
  • Make-up test or quiz
  • Deferred standing for coursework and exams

Under extenuating circumstances and with significant supporting documentation:

  • Late withdrawal from a course (required to contact KIN Advising)

Learn more on the Student Services website: Academic Concessions, or review the complete regulations on Academic Concessions in the Academic Calendar.

Academic Concessions are considered a privilege, not a right. You may be contacted if your request is refused on the following grounds:

  • you have made repeated requests for Academic Concession
  • you did not make the request in a timely manner
  • if required, you have not provided supporting documentation to substantiate the request

All requests are considered on a case-by-case basis and the school reserves the right to deny a request.

If you are requesting Academic Concession for multiple courses, you will be required to make a separate form submission for each course.

Potential Impacts of Academic Concessions

Students should be aware that receiving Academic Concession may result in a delay of year standing promotion or issuance of your Academic Standing if for assignments or final exams at the end of term. Registration for the upcoming winter session may also be affected as result. If you have questions or concerns about this, make sure to reach out to KIN Advising. Students whose registration status is “blocked” or who would like to inquire about their year standing promotion due to a Standing Deferred (SD) status should follow up with KIN Advising as soon as their final grade for the deferred course(s) has been posted on their SSC.

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