Yingying Zhao, BKin

Yingying ZhaoGraduating year: May 2019
Hometown: Shanghai, China
Employed by: Vancouver Summer Program, Population and Physical Activity Lab
Stream: Bkin Interdisciplinary Stream

Yingying joined co-op in order to experience how Kinesiology is applied beyond the classroom.

Completing multiple co-op placements, Yingying first worked with the Vancouver Summer program, where she facilitating two month long intercultural learning experiences for 51 and 33 visiting students from Asia Pacific regions during 2015 and 2016.

Yingying also worked with the Population & Physical Activity Lab, conducting and presenting an exploratory iPhone step counting validation study.

Finally, Yingying provided assistance for a national multi-site study called Active Transport Independent Mobility, where she worked primarily with elementary school students.

Reflecting on her experience, Yingying says, “From administration to working in a lab, I was not only connected to diverse job opportunities, I was also afforded real working experiences upon which I reflect to inform my own career path.”

Advice for future co-op students:

  • Never be afraid to try something you have a passion for because it is unfamiliar or you think, ‘I’m not good enough’. You can only know a certain line of work is a good fit by doing it. You become qualified as you learn to do the job.
  • Enjoy the routine of full-time employment. Unlike having to constantly think about school when you are not in class, working at a certain place at a certain time makes it much easier to carve out time for leisure!