Rachel Wong’s Mkin Major Paper Presentation

Title: “The Implications of Biological Rhythms on Performance and Resistance Training”

Supervisor: Dr. Maria Gallo (Kinesiology)
Second Reader: Samantha Pritchard (UBC Senior Manager, Sport Science and Sport Medicine)

Abstract: Organizations and athletes are constantly in search of methods to optimize training and improve athletic performance.  Various strategies have been explored in attempts to maximize the body’s natural adaptation systems and give athletes every advantage possible.  Biological Rhythms are sequences of events that are repeated in the same manner and time interval, and include cycles such as circadian rhythm and the menstrual cycle.  Traditionally, researchers have shied away from studying females for reasons including hormonal fluctuations.  As a result, only recently has there been a small emergence of evidence regarding how hormonal fluctuations within the mensural cycle or circadian rhythm could effect performance and resistance training in the female athlete.  In an attempt to enhance training and performance in the female athlete, this paper evaluates the current literature and makes recommendations to practice in regards to: 1) understanding the menstrual cycle’s role in ACL injury, 2) periodizing resistance training based on phases of the menstrual cycle, and 3) understanding optimal times in the day for performance.