Sobhan Mardan’s MSc Thesis Proposal

Title: “The Impact of Abdominal Body Contouring Surgery on Physical Function After a Massive Weight Loss: A Non-Randomized Control Trial”

Thesis Supervisor: Dr. Cameron Mitchell
Committee Members: Dr. Laura Hurd , Dr Michael Koehle

Chair: Dr Bill Sheel

Background: It is estimated that 70% of individuals who undergo a massive weight loss develop excess skin (ES). The ES around the abdominal area has been shown through patient reported outcome measures (PROs) to negatively impact physical function. Yet no studies have examined the impact of ES and abdominal body contouring surgeries on direct measures of physical function of those who had a massive weight loss.

Objective: To examine the impact of abdominal body contouring surgery on direct measures of physical function in individuals who have undergone a massive weight loss.

Materials and Methods: Patients who have undergone massive weight loss would be recruited through 4 medical clinics and based on surgical status they would either be allocated to a body contouring intervention group (BCI) or post massive weight loss matched control group (PMWLMC) until 20 participants in each group has been achieved. Both groups will undergo a series of physical function batteries of tests including 9-item modified physical performance test (mPPT), 30s-chair to stand (30s-CTS), star excursion balance test (SEBT), time up and go (TUG), modified agility t-test, 6-minute walk test, and body composition measures of fat mass and bone free fat free mass. A rate of perceived exertion using a BORG RPE (6-20) would also be collected during each of physical tests except the SEBT. There will a total of two visits which will be 8-12 weeks apart.

Significance: This study can better our understanding of the impact of abdominal ES on physical function of those who have undergone massive weight loss. It can also direct clinical guidelines on whether such body contouring surgeries should be considered as a standard follow up procedure being available at no cost to these types of patients.