How to Apply

Application to the School of Kinesiology’s graduate programs (MA, MSc, MKin, PhD) may be made at any time pending available spaces.

Application Deadlines below are applicable for Domestic Students and International Students

MA/MSc/PhD programs: January 10 (deadline for programs starting in September)  January 25 (deadline for referees to submit their reference letters)
MA/MSc/PhD programs: September 1 (deadline for programs starting in January)   September 15 (deadline for referees to submit their reference letters)

MKin program: January 10 (deadline for programs starting in September)  January 25 (deadline for referees to submit their reference letters)


Note: Admission deadlines for the Graduate Certificate in HPCTL and MHPCTL, please see

QUESTIONS? Please refer to the FAQ section for inquiries about the programs. If after reading through this section and you have further inquiries, please contact the Graduate Programs Assistant.

  1. Determine your admission eligibility:

    • If you have Canadian or U.S. academic credentials, the minimum academic requirements for the Masters programs are:
      • must hold the academic equivalent of a four-year bachelor's degree
      • A minimum Grade Point Average (GPA) of B+ or 76% in upper division (third and fourth year courses) is required. It does not matter when you took your upper division courses. For example, if they were taken in your second year of the program, they would be included if they are third or fourth year level courses. Calculate your GPA - use this GPA Calculator.
      • Also, at least 12 credits of third or fourth year courses in the A grade range (first class), comparative to UBC's grading system of 80% or higher) is required.
        Note: First and second year courses will NOT be considered to determine your admission eligibility.
      • Courses without any grades, like practicums with  Pass/Fail standing will not be considered in the GPA calculation
    • If you are applying to the PhD program, entry requirements are a thesis-based master’s degree in Human Kinetics, Physical Education, Kinesiology, or other related fields of study with a minimum of 76% (B+) overall from the Master’s degree.
    • More information on academic requirements for North American credentials can be found at:  Minimum Academic Requirements page on the Faculty of Graduate Studies website.
    • *For International Students, the admission criteria will vary for different countries. Therefore, select the country your academic credentials were acquired from on the international Minimum Academic Requirements page to see the admission criteria.

      • Calculate your GPA - use this GPA Calculator.
      • TOEFL/IELTS: Required for International students who did not complete their degrees at a university where English is the primary language of instruction.
        Speaking 26
        Reading 23
        Listening 23
        Writing 24
        Total 96
      • IELTS overall score is 7.0 and 6.5 in each category (reading, writing, speaking, listening).
        Note: TOEFL/IELTS tests must have been taken within the last 24 months at the time of submission of your application.
        More information about test submissions can be found at:
  1. MA/MSc/PhD applicants: Select a potential supervisor by reviewing the School’s faculty and their research interests.*This does not apply to Mkin applicants, as no supervisor is required.

    • Complete the Supervision Enquiry form (type "Kinesiology" in the program field and click on faculty profile). This form provides important background information and will help determine your suitability in a research partnership.
      Note: Once you have confirmed a supervisor, you must indicate this in the admission application.
    • Confirm the proposed faculty member’s interest and availability before proceeding with the formal application procedure below.
    • If you do not receive a  response please contact the Graduate Programs Coordinator
    • Do NOT submit an application to any of our research-based programs (MA/MSc/PhD) without confirming a potential supervisor, as you will not be admitted without this confirmation. Application fees are non-refundable.

Tips on Contacting a Faculty Supervisor

  • Establish that your research interests align with the faculty member’s research interests.
  • Read up on the faculty members in the program and the research being conducted in the department. Familiarize yourself with their work, read their recent publications and past theses/dissertations that they supervised. Be certain that their research is indeed what you are hoping to study.
  • Compose an error-free and grammatically correct email addressed to your specifically targeted faculty member, and remember to use their correct titles.
  • Do not send non-specific, mass emails to everyone in the department hoping for a match.
  • Address the faculty members by name. Your contact should be genuine rather than generic.
  • You may use the Supervision Enquiry form (type "Kinesiology" in the program field and click on faculty profile) to include a brief outline of your academic background, why you are interested in working with the faculty member, and what experience you could bring to the specific lab and School.
  • Highlight your achievements and why you are a top student. Faculty members receive a large volume of requests from prospective students and you may have less than 30 seconds to peek someone’s interest.
  • Convey the specific ways the program/lab/faculty member is a good fit for the research you are interested in/already conducting
  • Be enthusiastic, but don’t overdo it.
  • Once the faculty member agrees to supervise, students are advised to ask the following questions to ensure that the program will be a good fit for both the graduate student and the faculty supervisor: How is my thesis topic decided upon? What are the course work expectations? Where do your former graduate students go after they graduate? Can I talk to them? Are there funding options available and what scholarships should I apply for?
  •  G+PS regularly provides virtual sessions that focus on admission requirements and procedures and tips how to improve your application.

Important: Only students in the MKin program are admitted into the program without a faculty supervisor. No student is admitted to any of the research-based graduate programs (MA, MSc, PhD) without a supervisor being assigned at the time of admission. In these latter cases, potential applicants must confirm the proposed faculty member’s interest and availability before proceeding with the formal application procedure.

QUESTIONS? Please consult the FAQ section.

  1. Complete and pay for the online application form.
  2. Submit the following documents to the online application:
    • One completed Statement of Purpose, which you can upload onto the online application. (This statement of purpose is for students applying for research based programs - MA, MSc, PhD). Please download the form to avoid any technical glitches. Alternatively, you may upload a freestyle form by answering the questions in the Statement of Purpose and adhering to the maximum word restrictions for each section, maximum 2 pages.
    • If you are applying to the Mkin Program, you may submit a statement of purpose by following these guidelines. Your statement can be completed on a freestyle form, maximum 2 pages. Please indicate how your past education and other experiences have prepared you to be successful in the Mkin program, what you hope to achieve in the Mkin program, and why this particular program is the best place for you to pursue your interests.
    • Upload a copy of your official transcript of every post-secondary institution attended in the online application system. This includes official transcripts from educational institutions where you went on exchange and/or received transfer credits. Even if your primary degree transcript indicates your exchange and/or transfer credits on it, we require the transcripts from these educational institutions.  Your application is considered incomplete until we receive copies of all official transcripts from all your post-secondary institutions.
      Important: Please remember to include the marking or grading key, which is usually found at the back of the official transcript. Your application will NOT be assessed with unofficial copies. One set of official transcript from each post-secondary institution will only be required if you are accepted.
    • Three reference letters. Referees can submit their letters online if the applicant provides their email address in the online application form. Referees will be automatically contacted by email once the application is submitted and paid. This is the preferred method to submit reference letters.
      Referees can also mail their reference letters to the School of Kinesiology Graduate Programs. Letters must be sent in a sealed and signed envelope from the referees.

      UBC School of Kinesiology
      Graduate Programs
      210 – 6081 University Blvd
      Vancouver, BC
      V6T 1Z1 CANADA

      For tips on soliciting reference letters, download this resource sheet. The Graduate Committee prefers academic recommendation letters, however, professional/business reference letters may also be accepted. More information about reference letters, including links to forms, can be found on this Faculty of Graduate Studies page.

    • Curriculum Vitae. You may upload your CV on the online application form. For tips and samples on writing CV, select link.
    • For PhD applications only:  one sample of your best scholarly writing. This can be any form of documentation such as presentations, reports, abstracts, thesis, articles, research/journal publications, etc. File size cannot exceed 10MB.
QUESTIONS? Please consult the FAQ section.

For students applying to do a research-based graduate degree, the School’s graduate program follows a mentorship model with admission dependent upon a faculty member agreeing to act as a research supervisor. Applications meeting minimum eligibility requirements are forwarded to suggested potential supervisors. Once approved, a Recommendation for Admission is forwarded to the Faculty of Graduate Studies, who makes a final assessment and issues a ‘formal offer’ on behalf of UBC.

The following criteria, which must meet UBC’s minimum admission requirements, are used to review applications:

  • Scholastic Performance (transcripts)
  • Reference Letters
  • Statement of Purpose
  • Publications (optional)
  • Scholarship eligibility

For students applying to do a course-work based Masters degree (MKin), students must first meet minimum eligibility requirements. Program admission is based on:

  • Scholastic Performance (transcripts)
  • Reference Letters
  • Statement of Purpose
  • Space/availability

All applicants who apply by the January admission deadline will be notified by April 30.

The Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies (G+PS) sends a formal offer of admission to successful candidates. Those who are not recommended for the School’s graduate program will also receive a formal written notification from G+PS.

Successful candidates may also receive notifications of entrance scholarships and various types of funding in their admission offer letter.

Please note that once a supervisor has agreed to supervise a student, recommendation for admittance into the program is then determined by the School's Graduate Admissions’ Committee and final approval is given by G+PS.

Once accepted into the program, student authorization is required to study in Canada. This may be obtained by applying to the nearest Canadian Consular or Immigration Office in the home country and may take as long as 8-10 weeks to process; students from the People’s Republic of China should allow 3-6 months.

To apply for authorization you will require:

  • UBC’s formal offer of admission
  • evidence of adequate funds for tuition and maintenance, and if married – for spouse and children
  • travel funds to and from Canada

Please retain the offer of admission for presentation to the Immigration Officer at the Canadian point of entry. For additional information visit the International Students website.