Work-Integrated Learning

As you progress further in your BKIN degree and look to develop working skills while having experienced-based learning, you have the opportunity to apply for Work-Integrated Learning courses that are only available to BKIN students. You will earn credit for these upper-level courses and can have them count towards your BKIN degree as KIN elective courses.

What is a Work-Integrated Learning course?

Each Work-Integrated Learning course will consist of class meetings, the work experience, and independent learning activities. It is an opportunity to engage in a process of direct experience, reflection, critical analysis, and experimentation to integrate academic learning with applied experience. Work-Integrated Learning is also an opportunity to develop professional interpersonal relationships in community settings and/or work environments.

Students will be able to take a maximum of 2 Work-Integrated Learning courses, not to exceed a total of 9 credits. These courses can count towards your BKIN degree as KIN upper-level elective courses, but not as stream-specific KIN upper-level courses. Note that these courses are not intended to provide academic credit for volunteer and/or work experiences that students are already participating in.

How am I graded for this type of course?

Students in Work-Integrated Learning courses will be assessed using Pass/Fail scale. You will be assigned a grade for each of the course assessments and will be required to achieve a final grade of 70% or higher to be assigned ‘Credit’ (pass) for the course. This is different from Credit/D/Fail since students will not have the option to receive a course mark upon completion of the course. Note that Work-integrated Learning courses can count towards the overall 48 credits total of upper-level courses required for your BKIN degree.

How can I take a WIL course?

You will need to apply for entry into a Work-Integrated Learning course. Admissions will be broad-based and course dependent. While GPA will not be considered within the admissions process, students must be in good academic standing with a sessional average of 60% or greater and fail no more than 6 credits.

Students will apply to each course by filling out the application survey provided on this page during the application period. More details will be made available in Term 2.

Facilitators will make offers to students for these courses running in 2024 Summer and Winter sessions in advance so that you can make course registration plans around your Work-Integrated Learning schedule.

Learn More

Kinesiology Advising will be hosting a Work-Integrated Learning Information Session in Term 2 with the course instructors so that you can get to know more about this unique opportunity and how to apply.

Want to be kept in the loop? Click below if you are a BKIN student interested in attending the info session in Term 2 and hearing more about upcoming Work-Integrated Learning offerings.