KIN Students Shine at the 2021 Thunderbird Big Block Awards

On April 15, 2021, for the second consecutive year, the Big Block awards gala was moved online to allow for a safe, virtual gathering experience for Thunderbird student-athletes, coaches, staff, alumni, and fans to celebrate what has been a most unique and challenging year. Congratulations go out to the many KIN students who took home Big Block Awards!

Congratulations go to these three KIN students for representing peer recognition for outstanding qualities and achievements in individual athletes!

Women’s hockey team member, Margaret Pham, winner of the 2021 May Brown Trophy.

Student baseball trainer, Lief Olsen, winner of the 2021 Carolyn Dobie-Smith Award.

Women’s rugby team member, Kendra Roberts, winner of the 2021 Buzz Moore Leadership Award.

The following KIN students received ‘Stand Out ‘ awards at the UBC Virtual Big Block Awards event – a one-time honour for 2020-2021.
The Stand Out recognition highlights one exceptional athlete from each varsity team, celebrating who has had the most impact on their T-Bird teams this past year. Of the 22 student athletes who won, 10 were from KIN! Congratulations to:

  1. Brian Wallack – men’s basketball
  2. Hannah Eborall – women’s field hockey
  3. Zack Vint, men’s football
  4. Sonja Tang, women’s golf
  5. Katie Clark, women’s rowing
  6. Madison Gold, women’s rugby
  7. Sam Hughes, men’s rugby
  8. Michelle Jang, women’s soccer
  9. Cassa Courtney, women’s softball
  10. Egidio Cantarella, track and field

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