Kinesiology staff receive two 2018 President’s Awards

We are pleased to announce that two of our staff members have received 2018 President’s Awards: Kathy Manson, Executive Coordinator and Program Administrator, received the wellbeing award, and Dylan Brown, Program Director, UBC Active Kids, received a community engagement award.

Kathy approaches all aspects of her position with empathy and compassion. Whether advocating for the voices of women researchers, instructors, and junior academics to support them in being heard, or providing encouragement to international students who are working through immigration paperwork, Kathy’s collaborative approach creates a welcoming environment and inspires others.

Kathy integrates physical activity into her daily life, and also participates in the School’s community-based activities. She invites all students, faculty, and staff to join, regardless of their skill or fitness levels.

Kathy has led several well being initiatives for staff and faculty, including ‘KINnections’, a series of social gatherings that enable faculty and graduate students to connect from eight sites and build community.

Dylan is a role model within the School as well, for his unparalleled level of commitment to improving general health and physical literacy. He has elevated a number of outreach programs to engage with new communities, focusing on increasing quality of life, health, and wellbeing through physical activity participation and social connection, in particular for children and youth. As just one example, in 2015, Dylan partnered with the Musqueam Band to develop a physical literacy program for parents and their young children, and again in 2018, he sought and was granted a grant for further developing the programming with the Musqueam Band. He has also brought the successful gymnastics program Active Kids to new communities in Vancouver, helping families find affordable ways to spend quality time together.

Dylan’s efforts have had a positive impact on the communities themselves, but also on the UBC student community, who have been able to partake in hundreds of experiential learning opportunities. Dylan ensures that the faculty, staff, and students in Kinesiology have the opportunity to engage, support, and be involved in community events at UBC and across Vancouver.

Congratulations to both Kathy and Dylan on this achievement!