Spotlight on a 2018 Grad: Grayson Allen

Welcome Grayson Allen, BKin 2018, to the Alumni community. Grayson was one of 34 BKins and 17 graduate students to cross the stage this fall! He received an NSERC undergrad researcher award for Kinesiology in the Health and Integrative Physiology Lab under Dr. Bill Sheel. In his 4th year Grayson represented the School in the Kinesiology Games in Montreal. He served as president of the UBC Exchange Student Club and has recently completed a four-month internship in Uganda with an AIDS support organization. Grayson plans to continue to work with diverse populations in the healthcare and psychology fields, and intends on applying to medical school. Congratulations Grayson and good luck to you and to all your fellow 2018 grads!