Dr. Eli Puterman on Combatting Depression Through Exercise

Congratulations to Kin assistant professor Eli Puterman on his study in combatting depression through physical activity. Depression levels have significantly increased during the COVID-19 pandemic. The question of finding a practical solution to reduce it is more relevant now than ever before.

Dr. Puterman was recently featured on CBC News.

Eli and his research team recruited more than 300 people to conduct this study. Each person was given a free subscription to an exercise app and assigned to one of four randomized groups that either did yoga, high-intensity interval training, a combination of the two, or were relegated to a waitlist. Each week, participants completed a standard questionnaire that is used in the diagnosis and treatment of depression. Using a scale of zero to three, people reported how often they experienced symptoms such as sleeplessness or feeling lonely.

His team found that during lockdowns, at-home exercise reduced depression levels significantly. Furthermore, Dr. Puterman recommends individuals to try at-home or app-based workouts because they are accessible, low-cost, and can be done with little space and no equipment.

To learn more about his study and gather tips on how to start exercising from home, click here.